Studied International Business in Poland, first came to Scotland to study at University of Abertay in 2006 as a part of a student program at the final year of my masters degree. Permanently relocated to Scotland back in 2014. My first job as a graduate was an assistant manager/chef job in Dundee café roasting meats, I am now vegan. My first job in Glasgow was Administrator in a maturation warehouse which got me really interested in whisky making process and whisky nosing.

Did you know about Dominika?
At my happiest outdoors, at the seaside, going up the hills and trekking across the Outer Hebrides. Walked West Highland Way while 6months pregnant. Originally from Poland, fell in love with Scotland during the road trip through Highlands and up Isle of Skye after completing year at uni in Dundee. Mastered the art of sourdough breadmaking during first lockdown and happily baking all my loaves till now. I love cooking for other people.
Favourite Drink: Depending on the mood, Isle of Harris gin & tonic, Waterproof cocktail & daiquiris on holidays 😊